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What makes us different?

We don't open any Weiss Schwarz products. We don't sell singles, playsets, individual booster packs, and we don't do case/box breaks. We only sell sealed booster boxes, cases, TD+ displays/case for Weiss Schwarz. All products sold comes from an unsearched case.

Why don't we open any Weiss Schwarz products?

Opening Weiss Schwarz cases automatically puts retailers in a position that financially incentivizes them to engage in unethical practices at the expense of the consumers. By not opening Weiss Schwarz, we simply remove ourselves from ever putting ourselves in that position because we understand how financially enticing it is to commit bad acts such as selling booster boxes with a reduced chance of getting a "hit". Good actors will commit bad acts when placed in this situation, and how we see this, the responsibility lies more with Bushiroad than the retailers.

Until how rarities are distributed changes, a seller simply cannot open and retail Weiss Schwarz in a sustainable and profitable manner without engaging in unethical practices. That is the simple capital 'T' Truth.

Who are we?

What started off as a one person operation has grown into a small team mainly to streamline the fulfillment process. This store was created for three primary reasons:

  1. Provide a positive consumer experience and give customers exactly what they pay for; People are not paying for just a sealed box. They are paying for a booster box with the pull rates intended by the manufacturer, not a skewed one where the % chance of getting a hit is intentionally reduced by the seller.
  2. To spread awareness so that customers can make better informed purchasing decisions.
  3. To encourage others to push Bushiroad to make improvements to their products for the sake of consumer safety and for the short & long term performance of their sealed product, and its performance on the open and secondary market. 1 voice simply is not enough to get the attention of Bushiroad, and it will require the effort of many individuals voicing their concerns for improvements to be made.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at support@n4ytcg.com
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Weiss Deneki Bungko

Very quick and packaged well!!

Weiss Schwarz

Quick shipping and great prices

FTC (7x)

Unluckily didn't get anything too valuable from all the boxes, but it was packaged very securely and delivered fast! Highly recommend seller.

Perfect packing!

Ordered 40 loose packs and two booster boxes. Couldn't ask for better packing! A+

No fuss experience

Order went through fine, no trouble with shipping, item got to me as expected.

Weiss schwarz hololive vol 2

Bought a mastercase. Arrived safely and on time. Well done.

Weiss Schwarz English Hololive Production Vol. 2 Booster Box / Case

Pretty good

Pretty good! Pretty decent prices, and product did arrive.

Only suggestion if you can send tracking numbers and a little more communications!

Thanks for the feedback, Wilhelm.

Tracking information is automated to be sent to your email once we fulfill the order. Have you checked to see if our email ended up in Spam? Also, we respond to customers within 24 hours, so if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us if you feel like there's an issue. We'd be happy to update you at any time regarding your order.

Weiss Schwarz English Sword Art Online -Alicization- Vol.2 Booster Box / Case

Amazing purchase experience. Great seller. Fast, efficient, and even went out of their way without me asking to put the case inside another box so it wasn't damaged. Highly recommended


Pretty nice, got it on time

Perfect Condition

I bought a preorder Weiss Schwarz Chainsaw Man Box and it came in perfect condition. No damage to the box itself, and sealed. Will for sure buy more boxes from this company with future releases

Appreciate the kind words! Thank you!

Weiss Schwarz English Avatar The Last Air Bender Booster Box / Case

Trusted Seller

N4Y is a great seller. Trustworthy, honest, and communicative. Some of the best pricing and fast shipping. Always check here first for booster boxes and cases. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your feedback, we are lucky to have a customer like you!

UNION ARENA Hunter x Hunter Booster Box / Case

Amazing product, and amazing seller

Thank you so much, my delivery was on time and everything was in perfect condition. You are my favorite person to order Weiss from!

Great store and customer service

Everything I have ordered from here from Weiss cards to playmats has always come in fast and reliable in terms of quality and knowing that the cards are not messed with at all. Great customer support too!

Thank you so much, Alex. Your kind feedback means a lot to us, and we appreciate you!

I like the anime so I was glad to get two boxes because all the local stores around didn’t have any