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We have a consistent track record of treating our customers right, being 100% transparent & responsive, and going the extra mile to ensure all customers are satisifed with their purchase.

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We do not open any Weiss Schwarz Products.

We don't open any Weiss Schwarz products. We don't sell singles, playsets, individual booster packs, and we don't do case/box breaks. We only sell sealed booster boxes, cases, TD+ displays/case for Weiss Schwarz.

Our products sometimes have a slightly higher price point compared to other retailers, but it comes with the assurance that the boxes you purchase are always coming from an unsearched case. We do not have the luxury of opening products and selling singles/playsets (which have much better margins than sealed products). We will keep prices as competitive as possible.

We hope you support us so we can continue to support you even if it means paying a few dollars. ♡
We make less than 5% margins on cases, but our margins on individual boxes are much more sustainable. We hope our current customers refer us to their friends, especially for those that are not looking to buy an entire case.

While we cannot guarantee you receive a "hit" when you order from us, we can guarantee that we will never lower your chances of getting a pull. We believe customers deserve to get exactly what they paid for, and customers pay for pull rates that are not skewed by the retailer.

These sort of margins should not come at your expense.

Why Don't We Open Any Weiss Schwarz Products?

Opening Weiss Schwarz cases automatically puts retailers in a
position that financially incentivizes them to commit unethical acts at cost of the consumer. By not opening Weiss Schwarz, we simply remove ourselves from that equation.

We wanted to provide the Weiss Schwarz community a truly safe place to purchase products without having to buy a sealed case. We firmly believe that whenever a customer buys a booster box or case, he/she deserves to have a legitimate & fair opportunity of pulling their chase card(s) every time, and never have to question whether or not the boxes came from a searched case or master case.

We hope more of those in the Weiss Schwarz community join us in our campaign for advocating better consumer safety on sealed products for Weiss Schwarz, and urging Bushiroad to implement a better, less exploitable rarity distribution system. By voicing your opinions/concerns and reaching out to Bushiroad Support, they will be more inclinded to start developing and implementing potential solutions/improvements.

We believe all customers should be valued and treated with decency. Not opening Weiss Schwarz products is a testament to that despite the much better profit margins that could be made by following the status quo. When the community mindset has become "Buy by the case" in order to feel safe when buying sealed product, the concept of "credible" or "trustworthiness" of a seller is meaningless and irrelevant. Until the system changes, a retailer cannot open and sell sealed Weiss Schwarz in a sustainable and profitable manner without engaging in some deceitful practices.

That is the simple capital 'T' Truth.

We believe that stating the truth without sugar coating it is not trash talking other stores, although many retailers feel differently. Stores that are not doing anything wrong would not be offended by these statements. More and more people are becoming educated on what is going on, and those that tried to undermine the issue or claim these were false statements and accusations have gone silent because trying to discredit the claims made or denying the issue at hand would only make them look more guilty and suspicious. Whether you shop with us or not, remember to educate newcomers because they are the ones that lose the most to a dishonest seller.

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