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Add Shipsurance (Optional Insurance)

Add Shipsurance (Optional Insurance)

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We are not responsible for any packages that are lost/damaged once the courier receives/accepts the package. By placing orders without Shipsurance, you are agreeing that any claims must be taken up directly with the courier.

Insurance for Orders

Insurance for orders are optional. However, you must add Shipsurance to your order if you want to insure your package in case of any damage or if the courier loses the package. By not adding Shipsurance to your order, you are agreeing that n4ytcg LLC is not liable for any packages and orders that may be damaged or lost in transit, and that you forfeit the right to make any sort of disputes for refunds or partial refunds in the case of a damaged/lost package. Shipsurance Terms & Conditions can be found here.

If you would like to add insurance for your order in case of damage or packages lost in transit, please add this to your order.

If you want insurance on case orders, you must add shipsurance for every case you place.

Ex) If you Pre Order a master case [2 cases], you must add shipsurance twice for your order. If you only add 1, you are only insured for 1 case.

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We Do Not Open Any Weiss Schwarz Products

We don't open any Weiss Schwarz products. We
don't sell singles, playsets, individual booster packs, and we don't do case/box breaks. We only sell sealed booster boxes, cases, TD+ displays/case for Weiss Schwarz.

We believe that this is the best way to keep Weiss Schwarz retailers completely honest every single time while giving customers peace of mind with every order that they place.

Why Don't We Open Any Weiss Schwarz Products?

Opening Weiss Schwarz cases automatically puts retailers in a position that financially incentivizes them to engage in unethical practices that ends up harming the customer. By not opening Weiss Schwarz, we simply remove ourselves from ever putting ourselves in that questionable position because we understand how financially enticing it is to commit bad acts such as selling booster boxes with a reduced chance of getting a "hit".

We wanted to provide the Weiss Schwarz community a truly safe place to purchase products without having to buy a sealed case. We firmly believe that whenever a customer buys a booster box or case, he/she deserves to have a legitimate & fair opportunity of pulling their chase card(s) every time, and never have to question whether or not the boxes came from a searched case or master case.

We hope more of those in the Weiss Schwarz community join us in our campaign for advocating better consumer safety on sealed products for Weiss Schwarz, and urging Bushiroad to implement a better, less exploitable rarity distribution system. By voicing your opinions/concerns and reaching out to Bushiroad Support, we can make a change.

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100% transparent & responsive, and going the extra mile to ensure all customers are satisifed with their purchase.

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